იდენტობას და იგლიოს წერილი პარიზში საფრანგეთის ეროვნული ოპერის მენეჯმენტს

paris opera 18

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არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაცია “იდენტობამ”  2013 წლის 29 მაისს საფრანგეთის ეროვნული ოპერის მენეჯმენტს წერილით მიმართა. განცხადებას საერთაშორისო ახალგაზრდული და სტუდენტური ლგბტქ ორგანიზაცია  “იგლიოც ” შეუერთდა (www.iglyo.com).

წერილში, რომლის სრული ასლიც (ინგლისურ ენაზე) ამ სტატიაშია მოყვანილი, ორგანიზაციის აქტივისტები პარიზის ეროვნული ოპერის დირექტორს  ნიკოლა ჟოელს, მუსიკალურ დირექტორს ფილიპ ჟორდანს და პრეს ატაშეს პიერეტ შაზელს ოპერის მომღერალ თამარ ივერის ჰომოფობიურ განცხადებას აცნობდნენ და მყისიერ რეაგირებას ითხოვდნენ.  წერილის ასლი დაიგზავნა ტულუზის კაპიტოლ თეატრის მენეჯმენტთანაც.

2013 წლის 31 მაისს ქართული მედიით ვრცელდება ინფორმაცია, რომლის თანახმად, 1 ივნისს პარიზში დაგეგმილ კონცერტში მომღერალი თამარ ივერი მომღერალ კაროლინა ულრიხით ჩაანაცვლეს.

“იდენტობასთვის” ამ ეტაპზე ცნობილი არ არის, აღნიშნული შესაძლოა თუ არა უკავშირდებოდეს ჩვენს მიერ გაგზავნილ განცხადებას. იდენტობას ოფიციალურ მეილზე ჯერ-ჯერობით არ მოსულა არც  29 მაისის გზავნილის  მიღების და არც შემდგომი რეაგირების დამადასტურებელი პასუხი. სხვა სახის კომუნიკაცია ორგანიზაციასა და ოპერის მენეჯმენტს შორის არასდროს შემდგარა.

დანართი (პდფ ფორმატში):

თამარ ივერის წერილის ინგლისური თარგმანი 

თამარ ივერის წერილი ქართულ ენაზე


To: Director of National Opera of Paris Mr. Nicholas Joel, Musical Director Mr. Phillipe Jordan, Press Attache Ms. Pierrette Chasel,

I am writing on behalf of gender equality and LGBT rights organization “Identoba” in Georgia, with support of International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO). We would like to bring your attention to homophobic and hate inspiring activity by one of your opera singers, Ms. Tamar Iveri, resulting in death threats and physical injuries to many Georgians.

On May 17th LGBT activists and other citizens organized a rally to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Tbilisi. Around 20,000-30,000 Orthodox Christian activists violently cracked down on the IDAHO rally and attacked the participants. The participants nearly escaped death. However, this has not been end to the violence. The crackdown resulted in gay witch hunt throughout Tbilisi, humiliation and physical attack, as well as death threats not only towards LGBT activists, but all that seem non-heterosexual to the abusers. LGBT organizations have been receiving reports of numerous hate crimes for past week. We would like to bring your attention to the role Ms. Iveri played in spreading hate among citizens resulting in homophobic paranoia and fear of death for the LGBT activists in the city.

Ms. Iveri has been an outspoken homophobe and xenophobe, using her reputation as a known opera singer to bring hate to Georgian youth. In the light of the violent crackdown on the IDAHO rally, she addressed President of Georgia with an open, homophobic and fascist letter, in which she accused Mr. Saakashvili of supporting European and American imperialism against Georgian traditions. In this letter she calls LGBT people sick and perverted. Here is an extract from her letter: “I am proud quite proud how Georgians spat on the rally, organized by you. [...] Georgians are very impolite and violent people. What can you do? [...] Often, in certain cases, it is necessary to break some jaws, in order to be appreciated as a nation in the future and to be taken into account seriously. Even today, U.S. ambassador said that the people who raided the rally yesterday were against NATO. No, Mr. Ambassador: those, who yesterday raided the rally, are Georgian youth of pure blood, still unspoilt by you.” (Please find the whole letter addressed by Ms. Tamar Iveri to the President, translated in English, attached to this letter)

We believe such announcements further encourage and spread hate and violence in Georgian society. In the light of all this violence and hatred, we would like to kindly ask you to review giving Ms. Tamar Iveri opportunity to have one of the most prestigious art platforms in the world to further spread hate. Letting person of such values, as Ms. Iveri, sing about love, perform love songs of Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky would be a hypocrisy to French audience, society known as a cradle of democracy and humanist movement. There have been cases when some people were boycotted from events for their fascist statements. In recent years for e.g. one of the most famous cases that happened were director Lars von Trier’s declaration as persona non grata at Cannes festival and designer John Galliano – suspended from Dior.

We, as an LGBT human Rights organization, considered to inform you as our duty and the further reaction is up to you. Identoba and IGLYO think that boycotting Tamar Iveri and canceling her concerts would be the best and adequate decision.

Around 13,000 Georgians have already signed a petition with request to punish those who committed hate crime and spread violence. We hope you will support our efforts to spread love, tolerance and democratic values in Georgian society.

Yours Sincerely,

Identoba (www.identoba.org)

Please find attached to this letter:

Letter of Ms. Tamar Iveri to the President of Georgia, translated in English (1, PDF Document)

Letter of Ms. Tamar Iveri to the President of Georgia, in Georgian (1, PDF Document)

Videos of 17th May violence (15, Youtube Video Links)

Petition to punish those who committed 17th May violence (1, Web page link)

AFP news article about petition (1, Link to the article)

AFP news article about 17th May violence ( 1, Link to the article)

Announcement by Amnesty International about the 17th May violence (1, Link to the announcement)

Links to the violence videos:
















Petition to punish those responsible for violence: www.sazogadoeba.com

Link to AFP news about the violence: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5i8jzmYMM2kU02cbfDRx4LZ8t-OXQ?docId=CNG.dfdd18a904ef32d3b552ba1a24bc5608.701

Link to Amnesty International Announcement: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/georgia-homophobic-violence-mars-tbilisi-pride-event-2013-05-17

18 thoughts on “იდენტობას და იგლიოს წერილი პარიზში საფრანგეთის ეროვნული ოპერის მენეჯმენტს

  1. Could you please include a link to the .pdf file of Ms. Iveri’s letter? I can’t find it on your webpage. Thank you! And keep up the good work, Identoba!

    Also here is a good video in English – LGBT participants interviewed about the mob attack : http://www.eurasianet.org/node/67013

    A really good article about the lynch mob attack. Includes link to the video too: http://www.thegailygrind.com/2013/05/19/watch-this-is-what-anti-gay-hatred-looks-like-disturbing-video-shows-angry-mob-attempting-to-lynch-young-gay-man-in-tblisi-georgia/

    And another good article describing the violence graphically:

  2. Dear Identoba,
    Greetings from the US, Georgian LGBT brothers and sisters! Great job! I would also like to suggest you write to the Metropolitan Opera in NYC where she made her debut in 2005. The thought of having this dangerous homophobe and racist on our soil is nauseating. I’m not Georgian, but I’ve been an LGBT activist since 1975, so, respectfully, I would also like make a suggestion that I think would help your cause greatly with the French National Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and any other opera you contact. I recommend that you include the 2 youtube videos of the mob attack that captured the most violent scenes: 1) the video of the violent attack on the yellow bus, and 2) the video of the lynch mob who surrounded that young man who, fortunately, was rescued by the police. I went through your entire list of videos and I didn’t find those 2 powerful videos. Amnesty International reported the attempted lynching incident on 5/17/13 in the Amnesty International article to which you posted the link.

    Bus attack:
    Lynch Mob:

    Sending you solidarity, respect, love and support! Good luck to you!


      • The world has now seen what your “religion” and “culture” are all about – it was on abundant display on May 17th. If that mob attack, was an example of your “religion”, and “culture”, as a Christian, and a human being, you should be deeply ashamed. What I saw on display was violent Medieval barbarity. A rabid mob attack on a small group of peaceful activists in a, supposedly, “democratic” country. There was nothing civilized or “Christian” about it, and it was nothing that Jesus would EVER condone. In fact, it was no different than when Hitler’s Fascist thugs attacked Jews on Kristallnacht, or when KKK lynch mobs hunted and lynched black men in the deep South of the US. It was an uncivilized, barbaric, Medieval mob attack that is against International Human Rights Laws, Jesus’s example, and common human decency.

          • Oh, yes I DO know what went on in Tbilisi. The US Ambassador in Tbilisi knows, the US State Department knows, the UN knows, Amnesty International knows, Radio Free Europe knows. The whole world was watching. Thanks to the Internet there are 100’s of videos and reports by news organizations worldwide, Amnesty International, and assorted Western Ambassadors stationed in Tbilisi who personally witnessed the attack. You cannot pretend that it didn’t happen! That mob attack on peacefully assembled LGBT people who were merely availing themselves of their democratic right to assemble in a supposedly democratic country – was un-Christian, un-democratic, immoral and in contravention of International Human Rights Law. You are correct about one thing – I didn’t know what Orthodox Georgian Church values or culture were. Now I do. The whole world knows, and we will not allow it to go unnoticed or unsanctioned.

დატოვე კომენტარი მოდერაციის გარეშე. კომენტარები, რომლებიც ძალადობისკენ მოწოდებას შეიცავს, წაიშლება.

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